About Us

SurGyx Surgical Company Limited is a Thailand registered company and is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of surgical instruments. We offers wide range of comprehensive instruments for numerous areas of surgery mainly includes General Surgery, Plastic surgery, Ophthalmic, Dental, ENT, Gynecological, Orthopedic, Micro, Neuro, Cardiovascular etc

Be it any type of surgery find your required surgical instruments in our catalogue!

Our products are used worldwide by hospitals, Clinics and research professionals.

Our clients could not only select instruments that perfectly match their requirements, also they can even order any special instruments customized according to their own requirement. Our technically skilled experts have played a vital role throughout in the development of the durable instruments under strict quality control procedures and guarantee the transparency and efficiency in our final products.

SurGyx Surgical Company Limited is committed to revolutionize the medical technology and improve the ways to manufacture high-quality surgical instruments and to develop and market innovative products on global markets that provide superior clinical effects with a high level of confidence of use for our customers.

SurGyx Surgical Company Limited is CE, ISO 9001-2008, ISO 13485:2003 & ISO 13485:2012 certified and all our products are GMDN registered. We ensure premium quality, rust free, guaranteed instruments with fast delivery and maximum customer satisfaction.

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